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Sticker liberation today in NYC

Caveboy and I spent a few hours liberating stickers in Soho and the lower east side. According to him, “the stickers were like fish jumping out of water and into our nets.” Yepper. Warm muggy weather = easy sticker collecting. Here is a picture of our tool kit, which includes two different paint scrapers, wallpaper remover, and Q-tips (not sure why we needed those), plus the short three-step ladder, plus the notebook where I put the stickers until they are archived by my ace student assistants:

Sticker printer in Dresden

Just read about a place in Dresden called Cromatics that prints full color stickers on the cheap with a very short turnaround time. I bought three sample packs of 50 stickers each. Shipping was as much as the stickers, but I’ll get stickers from around the world, which is very cool! I am limited in my sticker liberation by lack of funds to travel!!! Ergh. I didn’t realize Dresden had such a big street art scene. Caveboy and I have talked about going there the next time we travel to Europe (if we can ever get the $$, that is).

PS: This place prints stickers in runs of 6,000 to 36,000.  Anything less than that is considered a “short run.”

Sticker artists are so BAD!

This week, I’ve been following a few threads on a Flickr site called Graffiti Street Art – Sticker Traders. Lately, some of the contributors have been trying to out-bad one another with this gendered and faux gangsta stuff:

We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives © Pro User says:

Slowly bite the curb so I can hear the enamel start to scrape on the bumped pavement, then I’ll bring my foot over your head and stomp with all my weight, as I hear your teeth shatter you hold your mouth and look up at my scared for your life, Then I’m going to fill the air with these gasoline fumes exiting the rusted chainsaw, It FINALLY fires up and you hear the fast moving blade, and I’m going to enter it into you slowly. Rip out your insides then feed them to birds.


now THAT’S bad hahhahaaha
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im going to tie you to a light post…

rip out pieces of your hair one by one as you scream in agony…

im going to get a nail filer and slowly scrape it across your eyeball…and when im done with that im going to sew your eyes shut..then get a weed wacker and let it run across your wont be able to hear your own screams because the engine will be to loud..then im going to get pliers and peel your toe nails back one by one…

and last but certainly not least…im going to fill your mouth with mayo and get an ice pick and chizzle away on your teeth, sooner or later the blood will mix with the mayo creating a nice topping for the sand wich im going to make which will include your fingernails that i will cut off with and all….and the bread will be substituted by the skin i peel off your bare back with a cheese grader



Sticker karma

I received an email out of the blue tonight from someone who heard I’m into street art and graffiti, and she is going to send me some of her stickers. Here is her Web site, and click on the little b/w image on the bottom to read her sticker story. Very sweet!

Sticker artists really come in all shapes and sizes. Earlier today, I was looking around in Flickr and read how PEEL is going through some rough financial troubles these days. Some folks were very sympathetic, while others flamed them in a major, self-righteous sort of way (IMHO). You can read about it here.

On the posse front, two of my students, Kevin and Tsewang, scanned 140+ stickers last week to add to my CONTENTdm collection. Mostly Berlin booty.

Fresh Air Program for Cats

Urban kittehs are frolicking up north for the summer: Beans, Frankie, Ladybird, and Viggo, respectively.

Kitty is already tired of the dog days of summer

It’s hot down here in NJ, unlike the breezy summers of northern New York, where Kitty flourishes. No stickers today after all. We went instead to see Sacred Art of the Yoruba at the Newark Museum. Beautiful beaded headdresses, plus a warrior’s cape covered with amulets, like the one Chris and Nora Roy donated to SLU. I tried to find a picture of one, but the only one I saw on Google said it was Asante (?). I’ll look around and try to post a picture later.

Newark is also cleaning up the downtown area. No street art at all, save for a few signs that said Vote Line B.

This Kitty is ready to head home and sleep on cool flannel sheets during the warm summer nights up north.



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