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Bansky in USA

Some new work in New Orleans:


My first OBEY mosaic.  Grouting tonight.

I didn’t think I’d use this blog for politics, but as I’m reading Jane Mayer’s new book, “The Dark Side,” I’m increasingly nervous about the upcoming election for US President.  Check out this list from with a list of 10 things to know about John McCain.

No sticker action this week

Kitty is up to her ears getting ready for school!

Kevin is off to Amsterdam!

Our dear Kevin Carvill ’10 is off to Amsterdam for the fall semester. Bugger! He was such a great trooper this summer, scanning over 1,300 stickers for The Gallery Has A Posse. We now have Tristan Wolfe ’08 on board, who seemed mildly interested yesterday when I showed him the project. He started to research TOWER from Berlin (tagger).

I hope that Kevin will be able to pull together an exhibition next spring based on his sticker exploits abroad. Lots of details to figure out beforehand, tho. Maybe CM and I will need to do a site visit….

New additions to The Posse

CM and I loaded 253 digital sticker files into The Gallery Has A Posse, my CONTENTdm online collection of art stickers from around the world. I have lots to do ahead with metadata, much less research and writing. I can get a student or two to help with the metadata this fall. Here is a screen shot; take a look at the number 798 in red in the upper left hand corner! Our new total!!!!! All of the stickers with k01, k02, k03, etc. are the ones Kevin scanned, and those are the ones I’ll need help with. Yipes!

Kevin is on a tear

My dear students have been diligently scanning stickers for the past month to load into CONTENTdm, bless ’em. I plan to upload these into CONTENTdm next week. Kevin’s 1000 scans will triple the collection! He is heading off to Amsterdam this fall, and if he comes back empty-handed, I will have to break his kneecaps or something. 🙂 Amsterdam is, of course, one of the MAJOR sites for street art in all its forms. KEVIN, if you are reading this, just remember, no stickers = no job when you get back!!!! Plus, you know the deal: $1 for every sticker you collect!

Kitteh sez: “Tough love, my friend, in this dog-eat-dog stickerpalooza”!!!!!



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