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Richard F. Brush Art Gallery blog

Thanks to Amy Hauber for creating our new SLU blog!

New features

Amy showed me how to do widgets.  You can now subscribe to Stickerkitty!  Thanks, Amy and Penns!

Obama sticker

Check out this sticker featured on The Huffington Post Big News/Obama Web site today.  I wonder where it was taken?

Misc. update

I have three new sticker ninjas working on metadata this fall, Kat Dwyer ’11, Bridget Montesanti ’11, and Amanda Raddtaz ’11.  All very sharp gals.  Hi, ninjas!!

Kevin, I will email tomorrow with an update on $$ details.

Correction from Nat: Punjabi taxi driver, not Pakistani.

Susan Jane Williams, independent consultant/data specialist, came to campus for two days.  Ouch!  My head is spinning.  We are going to start using a combination of FilemakerPro, Vcat, Excel, and XML for metadata (I think).  The whole thing is a blur.

Ha.  Just kidding.  It’s kind of fun.

Aw, Friends with You at Pictoplasma NYC 2008

Coincidence, Part II




Yesterday, I had to fix the clasp of my left clog with a white hair tie.  A couple of hours later, I had to wire my muffler back up to the underside of my car with a white clothes hanger.

A month after 9/11, my friend Nat and I went to NYC to see what it was like down there.  We took a cab from Grammercy Park to the upper west side to see an old friend of SLU’s and spent an hour with her.  On the way up, we passed the NBC station with a headline about an outbreak of anthrax.  Then Nat and I had lunch at that cute little cafe featured in the movie, “You’ve Got Mail.”  After two+ hours, Nat and I took a cab to go back downtown, and it was the same cab we took uptown.  Same Pakistani driver.

Bye bye cell phone

Two nights ago, I threw my cell phone out of the 12th floor of the hotel where I was staying in NYC, so if anyone tries to call that number, it’s kaput.  Here is a blurry shot from the same window.  Look for the reddish rectangle in the center of the image.

Pictoplasma in NYC, September 4-6, 2008

After going to Pictoplasma in Berlin in 2006, I had to attend the 2008 conference so close in NYC.  Most of the events were held at NYU’s handsome Skirball Center.  My favorite lecture was by Akinori Oishi (who goes by “Aki”).  I asked if he’d consider doing an exhibition at SLU, so I’ll follow up with him via email in the weeks ahead.

Melissa and Carole helped out big-time collecting stickers on Thursday afternoon–115 in all!  Not much political stuff yet, which surprised me.  But a few gems, nonetheless.  Check out my Flickr site for more images (coming soon!).



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