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eBay Obama stickers

I’ve spent the last couple of days on eBay buying Obama stickers (the ones designed by Shepard Fairey)-the HOPE stickers, plus the “Yes We Did” stickers.  Apparently there is an Obama sticker that sez PROGRESS that is difficult to find/acquire.  There is a bit of Obama-mania regarding Obama ephemera.  I saw a Web site today with Obama on every magazine cover that one could imagine, which would be a very cool exhibition–all of the posters, stickers, magazine covers, etc.

Oh, and Eric Nakamura wrote a story on street art during the 2008 campaigns in Giant Robot.  Can’t wait to pick up a copy.

Yes We Did.

I’ve been picking up Obama stickers and ephemera lately.  Love the new YES WE DID sticker from Shepard Fairey, which oddly enough, I can’t find anywhere on Google images.  Weird.  They’re all over eBay.

Description fields in CONTENTdm

I spent an hour this morning adding description fields to the CONTENTdm collection, “The Gallery Has A Posse.”  I finished the first of 22 pages of images; 21 more to go.  Fifty images per page.  Good job!


The formatting commands on this blog are now completely different.   One day you wake up, and it’s A.  The next day, which seems perfectly normal, you wake up and you’re stuck with Y for no reason whatsoever.

I met a nice young guy (originally from Boston) who is a street art nut-job like moi.  He’s now up in the NoCo with his girlfriend trying to take classes at SLU, etc.

This kitteh needs to get some zzzzs.  A new sticker guy in the NoCo–wo0T!!!!

Sarah Palin street art, NYC



New blog category: the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Today = -679.95 points.  They call them points, right?  All I know is that my TIAA-CREF is going somewhere fast in a hand basket.



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