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Jay + Conan

Jay and Conan performed the same basic act on TV tonight.  Woo hoo, it is sooo much fun to make fun of others, especially if they are dumb blondes, rednecks, and other n’er do wells.  I guess these comedians feel sooo smart.  Why aren’t they prancing around the Harvard Library quad making fun of the brilliant, the rich, and the gifted?

Am I missing something?

Hey, if you get this joke (below), I’ll send you $50!!!!



I just typed in obay for a Google search and came across this Wikipedia entry:

Obay is a fictional mind control medication at the centre of a viral marketing campaign begun in February 2008 by Colleges Ontario, the advocacy group for colleges and institutes of applied arts and technology in the province of Ontario, Canada, and developed by the Smith Roberts advertising agency. The campaign seeks to eliminate what the group calls “academic snobbery”[1] on the part of parents, who often see colleges as inferior to universities,[2][3] and who may push their children towards the latter option against their wishes.”


As a result speculation immediately arose as to whether the campaign was a form of viral marketing, anti-commercial culture jamming (potentially linked to the “Obey Giant” street art campaign), or possibly anti-pharmaceutical activism by the Church of Scientology.

BRILLIANT!  ANTI-COMMERCIALISM.  CULTURE JAMMING.  Stickerkitty hearts culture jamming.

More eBay

I can’t believe what you CAN’T FIND on eBay.  Typing Cathy Tedford produced zero results.


Plus I learned today that my CAA 2010 proposal on Berlin stickers was declined (i.e., rejected).  Including a blog may not be the best idea to use in a C.V. for a conference proposal.

oBey eBay

More of the same on eBay.  Resistance meets capitalism = capitalism.


Stickerzzzzz tomorrow in the city that never sleeps…


Say what?

Shepard Fairey has donated a work of art to be auctioned to benefit the Robert F. Kennedy Center.

“Mix Media on Stencil Collage on 100% Cotton Rag Paper, 44″ x 60″, Signed by Shepard Fairey.”

Mix media on stencil collage?  Hello?



From the Wooster Collective today (check out these artists’ names):

If you’re in New York, and haven’t made your plans for the evening, check out theGREAToutDOORS, a show that celebrates “the door as canvas” at the Artbreak Gallery. Curated by luna park and billi kid the show features work by Blanco, Broken Crow, Buildmore, Cake, C-Damage, Celso, Cern, Chris (RWK), Deeker, Destroy&Rebuild, Dude Company, Feral, Goldenstash, Imminent Disaster, Infinity, Kngee, LA 2, Matt Siren, Morgan Thomas, Peru Ana Ana Peru, Plasma Slugs, Veng (RWK), Royce Bannon, Skullphone, Stickman, Windowzoo and Yassie Goldie.

Artbreak Gallery is located at 195 Grand Street, 2nd Floor, between Bedford and Driggs Avenues in Williamsburg. Hours are Thursday through Sunday, 1-7pm.



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