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Scariest Sticker contest

For real.  Submissions are being accepted now, and judging begins on October 1st.  The winner will be announced on October 31st and will get all kinds of sticker prizes and 15 mins of fame.

From Berlin: is a new independent street, design, urban art & photography blog. It’s the successor of the german street art blog and was launched on August 14th with an international photo-contest.

The Urbanartcore-team will be pleased to present you international news about urban activities, interventions, arts, design, photography and a lot more of fresh thing from the metropolises around the world.

Another goal of our blogs is to become a small, international authors-collective. So if you are familiar in urban areas and have some blogging experience, write us!

We like:
urban art, street art, graffiti, parkour, freerunning, photography, urban inspired design, typography, calligraphy, modern architecture, and a lot more topics around urban environment

We don’t like:
haters, fascists, buffers, sexism, spammers…we don’t want to talk about bad things

Need help with this one


I’ve had this sticker on my desk for weeks, and only today did I put 2+2 together to see what is being represented: guys (I assume) in hoodies.  All of a sudden, I realized they look like some of the punks I see on other antifa stickers.  I found the translation for stromausfall to be “blackout.”  Major DUH on my part, but the sticker is superb.  (It is especially Duh since the reproduction here below is so obvious!)  Oh well.  🙂


Back yard smackdown

Big kitteh + little kitteh.

Picture 4


WordPress is acting up.  Two minutes ago, I can’t type.  Now I can.

I’m overwhelmed by how much work I need to do with the Posse database and Stickerkitty blog.  Lately, I’ve been wondering what will be my Life’s Oeuvre (har-de-har) and alas, it sure won’t be Guernica.  Aside from my super-fantastic job at SLU, which I L-O-V-E, it will be the Posse digital collection.  As far as I can tell, it is unique.  Yay.



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