Dear diary. August 8, 2011.

  • The Los Angeles MOCA exhibition Art in the Streets closed today.  If I were rich, I’d have flown over to see it before now.  The show was supposed to travel east to the Brooklyn Museum of Art, but the BMA cancelled it due to “budget reductions.”  [Side note: their current exhibition on Vishnu looks pretty interesting, tho.]  Not sure if Art in the Streets will travel at all after LA, but I sure hope so.
  • The director emeritus (not sure what you call it) of Traditional Arts of Upstate New York, Varick Chittendon, is good friends with Martha Cooper, or “Marty,” as he calls her.  He told me today of a show called “Martha Cooper Remix” at LA’s Carmichael Gallery (reviewed here), in which over 50 street artists reinterpret her original photographs and create new works of art.  Sorry to have missed it, tho Varick thinks I should contact Marty to bring the show to SLU.  Right on, bro.
  • Other things I’ve not been able to attend this summer include The Response, Rick Perry’s prayer rally in DC last Saturday, which drew 30,000.  There was nothing on RP’s Web site about the event, however, so the link above takes you to the Huffington Post, whose headline today features a story on London Burning.
  • The Dow Jones closed nearly 635 points lower today after falling another some 500 points last Friday.  It’s the worst fall since December 2008, acc. to the Wall Street Journal tomorrow.  Yeah, dated August 9, 2011.
  • My old laptop is really overheating.  Hold on there, buddy!
  • I got a disconnect service letter from The NIMO Man over the weekend, or as he likes to call himself, “National Grid.”  Luckily I had paid $70 on August 1 (pay day) so the lights and computer are still on.
  • Also went to see The Time Warner Cable Man this morning to see if I could shave my monthly bill a bit.  Boy, they are foxy.  I can reduce the number of TV channels and pay more!
  • Okay, no more procrastinating.  Time for the RMS.  Have you noticed she’s been wearing a lot of make-up lately?  What’s that all about?  She’s sharp as a whip but talks too fast sometimes.
  • Nice thing about summer is that there is a little more time for links.
  • Sorry to complain about bills.  It’s a scary time everywhere.  I’m lucky to have a job I love, a house I love, and two kittehs and a pup who love me!
  • I miss my dad.  He would surely have quite a bit to say these days, aside from “hire a boy.”  🙂
  • Back to business.  A very cool show at the New Museum in NYC until September 25 called Ostalgia that includes work by artists from 20 countries pre-and post-fall of the Berlin Wall and Communist bloc.  I won’t miss this one!

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