Adding images of I.W.W. ”stickerettes” to Wikipedia pages

Today is Wikipedia’s 20th anniversary, so it’s a good time to share some of my recent Wikipedia activities. For the past couple of years, I’ve been adding images of I.W.W. “stickerettes” to various Wikipedia pages. The stickerettes, which were published before 1925, are in the public domain, so copyright is not an issue.

Here is how I add images to Wikipedia:

You will first need to create an account or log into an existing account on Wikimedia Commons at

After logging in, click on either the “Upload file” under “Participate” on the left – or on the blue “Upload” button on the upper right.

Read through page 1 of the Upload Wizard called “Learn” to determine if you can upload your image(s). You can only upload images that you created yourself or images that are freely licensed. According to the Upload Wizard, there are two main exceptions:

  • “You can upload someone else’s work if the author granted permission for anyone to use, copy, modify, and sell it;” or
  • “You can upload your photographs [image files] of old art, statues, and buildings (usually over 150 years old).”

For more on determining copyright, visit, which states that “all works published in the United States before 1925 are in the public domain.”

After reading through the “Learn” page, click on “Next” at the bottom right and go to “Select media files to share.” You can upload one file or multiple files at the same time.

Click on “Next” and go to the “Release rights” page:

  • Click on “These files are not my work.”
  • Then list Source and Author(s). In this case, I added “Bisbee Deportation Legal Papers and Exhibits (AZ 144). Special Collections, University of Arizona Libraries,” which is the correct and complete credit line for this collection.
  • Leave the next two Creative Commons section blank. In the Copyright section, click on “First published in the United States before 1925.” Leave the remaining sections blank.

On the” Describe” page:

  • Under “Caption,” use: I.W.W. “stickerettes” from Bisbee Deportation Legal Papers and Exhibits (AZ 144). Special Collections, University of Arizona Libraries.
  • Under “Description,” use: I.W.W. “stickerettes” were used as evidence through the deposition of William A. Cahill in the legal suit of Michael Simmons vs. the El Paso and Southern Railroad Company et al.
  • List “1919” as the date the work was created or first published (the date of the Simmons v EP&SW case).

On the “Add data” page:

  • Add “sticker.”

On the “Use” page, click on “Upload.”

This past weekend, I added six of the seven image files of 15 stickerettes from the Bisbee Deportation Legal Papers and Exhibits (AZ 144). Special Collections, University of Arizona Libraries to Wikimedia Commons (see earlier post about the Bisbee stickerettes). Now I need to track down which Wikipedia pages to which I can add them…. Stay tuned.

Additional notes:

The Bisbee Deportation Legal Papers and Exhibits in the University of Arizona Libraries’ Special Collections date to 1917-1919, so the stickerettes are considered in the public domain. The Arizona Archives Online has more information about the collection and its contents here.

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