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The Book of Threes

Last one, I promise.  Back to sticker sticky business after this little diversion.

The Book of Threes, Part III

New ones, post-trip.

[Earth, Wind, and Fire – the band]; [Buddha, dharma; sangha]; [33 1/3, 45, 78]; [home phone, work phone, cell phone]; [Tupper, Viggo, Frankie (haha another inside joke)]; [black, white, and gray]; [uptown, downtown, midtown]; [bacon, lettuce, and tomato]; [Word, Excel, Powerpoint]; [rock, paper, scissors]; [Caesar, Crassus, Pompey]; [boiled, fried, scrambled]; [red light, green light, yellow light]; [Moe, Larry, Curly]; [phone, Internet, cable TV]; [RGB Roy G. Biv]; and two from Bob Natowitz = [shake, rattle, and roll] and [going, going, gone].  Thanks, bud!

The Book of Threes, Part II

[Atkinson, Topeka, and the Santa Fe]; [apprentice, journeyman, master]; [greater than, less than, equal]; [igneous, metamorphic, sedimentary]; [A, B, C]; [X, Y, Z]; [ear, nose, and throat]; [citius, altius, fortius]; [NBC, ABC, CBS]; [Guy, Roger, Mike (haha inside joke)]; [Winkin, Blinkin, and Nod]; [lather, rinse, repeat]; [me, myself, and I]; [red, blue, yellow]; [orange, green, purple]; [walk, trot, and canter]; [hop, skip, and a jump]; [gold, silver, bronze]; [veni, vedi, veci, or I came, I saw, I conquered]; [small, medium, large]; [1st, 2nd, and 3rd]; [Huey, Dewey, and Louie]; [1st person, 2nd person, 3rd person]; [sun, earth, moon]; [red, white, and blue]; [truth, justice, and the American way]; [id, ego, superego]; [I, me, mine]; [liberté, égalité, fraternité]; [It’s easy as 1,2,3]; [Cathy, Carole, and Todd!]….

The Book of Threes, Part I

Years back, en route to the Arctic of all places, two colleagues and I came up with The Book of Threes, and I’ve wanted to put it to pen ever since (shout out to Carole and Todd).  Here is Part I.

[proton, neutron, electron]; [ready, set, go]; [lock, stock, and barrel]; [flat head, Phillip’s head, spanner head]; [positive, negative, neutral]; [north pole, south pole, equator]; [guitar, drums, and bass]; [breakfast, lunch, and dinner]; [coffee, tea, or me]; [bell, book, and candle]; [Peter, Paul, and Mary]; [woman, dog, and tent]; [stop, drop, and roll]; [stop, look, and listen]; [the good, the bad, and the ugly]; [love, honor, and obey]; [head, hand, and heart]; [no shirt, no shoes, no service]; [body, mind, and spirit]; [Judaism, Christianity, Islam]; [faster, stronger, harder]; [blood, sweat, and tears]; [ketchup, mustard, relish]; [Canada, Mexico, and the US]; [Nina, Pinta, and the Santa Maria]; [forward, neutral, reverse]; [water, earth, sky]; [control, alt, delete]; [meat, potato, veg]; [baked, broiled, or fried]; [3 muskateers]; [Mickie, Peter, and Davey]; [Barbie, Skipper, and Midge]; [Nancy, George, and Bess]; [mild, medium, hot]; [JFK, MLK, RFK]; [morning, noon, and night]; [ice, water, vapor]….

More to follow.  I really need to get a life….

Here’s a good one….

More eBay

I can’t believe what you CAN’T FIND on eBay.  Typing Cathy Tedford produced zero results.


Plus I learned today that my CAA 2010 proposal on Berlin stickers was declined (i.e., rejected).  Including a blog may not be the best idea to use in a C.V. for a conference proposal.


I spent 2.5 hours SORTING MY BEADS tonight.  Too cold for stickehs.  “Red rum.”  More snow.  More wood.  More snow.





Stickerkitty has been slacking off during the holidays and/or working on some other projects.  Thanks to Chris Watts at SLU’s NCAT, I learned how to create my name via a binary code of zeros and ones. I will need to spend some time with this information.

PS–I’m not sure how to understand this sequence:


Way too many !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :/

One of my sisters (who now has a very cushy high-paying executive job at the Harvard Business School) told me to never use exclamation points.  She’s right, but I get excited sometimes and can’t help myself.

That, plus in my book, one should never use parentheses.  If you take them out, the text is always stronger.

See what I mean?:

“My sister, who now has a very cushy high-paying job at the Harvard Business School, told me to never use exclamation points.  She’s right.  But I get excited sometimes and can’t help myself.”

See?  Parentheses are typically un-necessary.  Commas do the trick just fine.  (Please, I am dying to use an exclamation point there.)




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