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DE VIGUEUR et DE VERVE! press release

Hatch Kingdom | Stickerkitty

International Sticker Exhibition


Fresh Paint – Peint Frais

Edition III

Hatch Kingdom, the only sticker museum in the world, has collaborated with Catherine Tedford, a.k.a. Stickerkitty, to present an exhibition of street art stickers and photographs from Berlin and New York City, with additional pieces from cities across Europe and North America.  As part of a larger exhibition entitled Edition III, which includes work by contemporary muralists, graffiti artists, photographers, and others, the international sticker exhibition will be on display at Fresh Paint Gallery, Montréal, Québec, from December 2, 2011, through January 29, 2011.

Founded by Oliver Baudach in 2008, Hatch Kingdom began as a small gallery space in Berlin’s alternative Friedrichsain district to serve as a platform for stickers, sticker artists, skateboard fans, and collectors.  An expanded Hatch HQ is now located in central Mitte, with two gallery spaces devoted to Oli’s ever-growing sticker collection, now numbering well over 25,000 stickers, and one gallery for rotating exhibitions by young urban street artists.

Catherine directs St. Lawrence University’s art gallery in Canton, NY, and has been actively collecting stickers since 2003, having now collected over 6,000 original stickers by hand, primarily from Berlin and NYC, with stickers also from Hamburg, Munich, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cambridge (MA), Ottawa, Toronto, Amsterdam, Budapest, and other cities in western and central Europe.  Part of the collection is being digitized and can be found at SLU’s gallery Web site.  Catherine has presented papers at academic conferences for the College Art Association, the Visual Resources Association, and the International Arts in Society; in 2012, she will present a paper entitled “WTF.  It’s Only a Sticker” at the annual CAA conference in Los Angeles.  Check her Stickerkitty blog for more information.

The exhibition at Fresh Paint also includes six original drawings and collages from “Oversized and Underpriced,” a project initiated by Oliver Baudach in which artworks on oversized sticker printouts are sold at low prices with proceeds to benefit Skateistan, a skateboarding school in Kabul, Afghanistan, for young boys and girls.

In addition to art, music, and tagging stickers, political stickers in the exhibition from Germany and the U.S. focus on anti-authority, anti-capitalism, post-9/11 surveillance measures, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the 2008 US Presidential election, the environment, oil consumption, and the economy.  Examples of these were included in a recent gallery exhibition at St. Lawrence in 2010, which was based in part on a summer research grant from SLU’s Center for International and Intercultural Studies in which three students and an alumnus traveled to Berlin and Munich to study street art.

A.C.A.B. stickers

A.C.A.B. is an acronym that stands for “all cops are bastards,” a punk phrase that can be heard shouted at public demonstrations and protests throughout Germany and many counties in Europe.  The formidable police presence at these events gets little notice in the United States, yet hundreds of videos on YouTube depict violent head-on clashes between armed police and unarmed protesters and passersby.

In prisons in the United Kingdom and United States, the letters A.C.A.B. can often be found tattooed on the front of a person’s four fingers in clenched fist.  Alternately, in various other contexts, the acronym can mean, “always carry a Bible,”[1] “anarcho-communists are beautiful,” and in the photograph below, “acht Cola, acht Bier” (eight colas, eight beer).[2]

Banners and flags with A.C.A.B. appear at European football games, and in April 2010, police in Amsterdam arrested three men at a game for wearing T-shirts with the number 1312.  In January 2011, the men were each fined 330 Euros.[3]

A.C.A.B. stickers depict a range of sentiments from photographs of militant antifa hooligans clad in black standing face-to-face with armed riot police and uniformed Polizei snorting coke, to cartoons of young punks, musicians, and street artists.  In one sticker, a vengeful Bart Simpson and clan are shown running from a calamitous scene of fire and smoke with bottle rocket, wrench, and wooden bat, chasing down dopey and bewildered cops.

The AJAK antifa sticker (Antifa jugendaktion Kreuzburg) shows a photograph of a young man being arrested.  Dressed in green as a mischievous Peter Pan with arms bound in cord behind him, he is escorted into a police car.  The interaction depicted here is not overtly violent, unlike some of the others.

Quick status report

1.  Oli and Nada head home to Berlin tonight.  (Boo.)  I heard from them today that they weren’t sure which was better during their trip to NYC — standing in front of paintings by Jean-Michel Basquiat or happening upon a photo shoot in Central Park with Chris Rock.  That’s a tough one, but after seeing CR on TV this past week, I vote for CR.

Oli and Nada leaving SLU.  Don’t you love this pic?

2.  I’m listening to stories about the mid-term election results on NPR tonight and had a brief warm fuzzy about U.S. politics.  Democracy in action.  But then I remembered we’re screwed.  If Palladino wins NY, we are TOTALLY screwed.

3.  Paul Rand is in.  Christine O’Donnell is out.

4.  Everyone is asking for help financially.  The Namgyal Monastery in Ithaca, NY, is out of funds as of October 20.  I got a phone call tonight from The Nation asking if I’d contribute $$ to be part of an associate’s club or something.  I said yes to both, lucky to have a little extra right now.

5.  There is much to share about the Berlin street art exhibition at SLU, which will all come soon with time.  I’m debating now whether to go back to Berlin next year for the 2011 Pictoplasma conference or for May Day.

(Wow.  That is one incredibly s-u-r-r-e-a-l combo.)

Sticker eggs are about to Hatch!!!

Oli and Nada are due in on Saturday, from Berlin to Newark to Manhattan to Canton.  Spencer is en route, too.  W0Ot!


Mid-term elections/exhibition update/Arthur Rothstein

I had to delete the picture of the roundworm in my recent post.  It was a visual buzzkill, and there’s no need to keep it in the valuable Stickerkitty archive.  Hmmm.  With recent posts regarding road kill, roundworms, and parasites, it must be the time for mid-term elections.

On a brighter note, the street art exhibition is coming along well.  My photographs are in and being framed.  Bridget is fine-tuning her FB installation.  Kat is working on text panels.  I need to hear from Charlie.  The exhibition card went to the printer yesterday!!!

This weekend, I’ll start to put together the sheets of actual stickers thematically, which will then also be framed.

Oh, I almost forgot.  I pulled an Arthur Rothstein on the image for the front of the street art exhibition card.  Rothstein, a Farm Security Administration photographer during the 1930s, manipulated certain scenes taken out west during the American Dust Bowl era.  In one photograph, he moved a bleached cow skull from a section of grass onto parched earth; in another, Fleeing the Dust Storm, he staged a man and his son walking in front of a worn down shack in such a way that is said to have exaggerated their suffering.  Republican politicians used Rothstein’s photographs to attack the credibility of the FSA and argued that Democrats used the photographs to make environmental conditions look worse than they actually were in order to pass controversial legislation through Congress.

My original photograph for the card is here below.  I “added” a sticker, and you’ll have to check the card itself to see the magic of Photoshop.

Checklist for street art exhibition

Stuff done:

  • Letter of invitation from SLU to Oli and Nada at Hatch – received
  • ESTA forms filled out
  • Plane tickets purchased
  • Charlie pick-up at Newark
  • First night in Manhattan with Charlie and Mom
  • Charlie drives O+N to Canton
  • Lodging set up at 24 East Main for the week (for Spencer, too)
  • Text for exhibition card done, inc. quotes from 3 students
  • All of the card images selected except for the front
  • Test prints came in from Shutterfly today – looking good

Stuff in progress:

  • Kat’s working on text panels
  • Bridget’s working on her Facebook project/installation
  • Meeting with Jo at NCAT tomorrow to check large format printer and paper stock
  • Charlie better be working on his film, or he is toast
  • Need to get Oli a taxpayer ID number to pay honorarium
  • Juli helping with check request + wire transfer
  • Next Shutterfly order out tomorrow or Friday
  • SK (moi) is finalizing topics for her text panels
  • SK also doing final selection of her political stickers
  • Meet with Tracy to go over card design
  • Karen – mailing labels for bulk mailing and campus distribution
  • Posters for opening reception
  • Food for reception?
  • See if Martha Cooper wants to come to SLU when Hatch is here
  • MOO cards?

Yadda yadda yadda.  I lerv this stuff.

Sticker exhibition – subjects and topics

It’s too hot today to go back to Cambridge to collect stickers.  (Boo hoo….)

I am, however, organizing what I have from my last two trips to Berlin, and here below are the subjects and topics I’ve come up with so far to write about as text panels for the upcoming street and sticker art exhibition.  Some subjects are quite broad, while others are specific to socio/political issues during the last 5-6 years, and still others reference German history dating back to the 1940s.  So many subjects overlap that it’s difficult to sort them out sticker by sticker.  (I can write about that, too.)

ACAB (all cops are bastards)


Animal rights


Antifa (a huge topic covering a range of different issues)


Autonomy (Reclaim the Gardens) (gentrification)

Die Linke (Left Party)


Economy (Germany, EU)

FAU (Free Workers Union)

Gender and sexuality

German national statehood


May Day (May 1st)

MLPD (Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany)

NPD (National Democratic Party of Germany)

Nuclear energy/green energy/environment

Pirate Party Berlin (government Internet monitoring, data communications, privacy, civil rights)

Protests and demonstrations (CT – see list on Delicious)

Religious freedom



Silvio Meier (demonstration)

Soccer (anti-Nazi) ultras and fan clubs


Squatting (commercialization, gentrification)

Space invaders against…



Tempelhof airport (commercial development)


Just because I haven’t been writing about stickers lately doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about them e-v-e-r-y  s-i-n-g-l-e  d-a-y.  In the past month, however, one of my ace SLU students, Joe Pomainville, has scanned all of the Berlin stickers from Mauerfall 2009 and the CIIS trip in 2010 — about 600-700 or so from both trips, I think.  The posse grows.  I still need to put all of my 2009 NYC stickers into archival notebooks, so he can scan those next.  Maybe I can do that this weekend, tho it’s hard to be inside on such lovely summer days.  Anyway, there is much to write about, and I’m falling behind.

On the other hand, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

SLU students at Hatch – Kat’s post

During the CIIS 2010 trip to Berlin this spring, I asked (“asked”) the students to each write a blog post to add to Stickerkitty.  This one from Kat Dwyer tells about our trip to Hatch Kingdom.

“Traveling to Berlin gave us the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with Hatch Kingdom – the first and only sticker museum in the world.  Over the past couple of years, Cathy befriended Oli and Nada, two artists with a mutual passion for sticker art.  The three of us students—me, Charlie, and Bridget—were honored to meet such creative and generous people.

We ventured to Friedrichshain, a neighborhood in east Berlin, to see Oli and Nada’s unique sticker gallery for ourselves.  Considering there are probably millions of stickers in the world, I was surprised (and impressed) with the layout of their gallery.  It was fresh and unique, loaded with creative, chic, sophisticated, mind-boggling and bold stickers.  However, it wasn’t overwhelming as I assumed it would be.  There was just enough material to look at, but it was very well organized and easy on the eyes.  The stickers reflect culture and creativity, and, surprisingly, political messages are completely absent at Hatch Kingdom.  Considering Germany’s history, political and militant messages are everywhere and are especially displayed in street art, so it was nice to see that Oli and Nada were less concerned with politics than with the simple beauty that sticker art demonstrates.

Oli’s sticker zeal goes back to when he, as he explained, was a “skater kiddie.”  So, from an early age, stickers struck a certain fondness with him.  Twenty-five years later, he expresses his passion in collecting these stickers from all around the world and presenting them in Berlin.

In the fall, Oli and Nada will be joining us on OUR turf at St. Lawrence University to share their creative outlook on something people may feel are very simple … stickers.  But we will learn that, in fact, stickers are much more complex.”

Here is a great pic of Oli during the World Cup.

At the time, he writes:

Highly respected friends of the round leather ball and a big portion stickers in addition, now they are over, four weeks of wuwuzela symphony with a little bit of football beside!  It was already a very nice time, saw good friends a little bit more again and not so well known people got closer.

Also in my secondary job as a football specialist I could properly shine and have at the two on-line tip communities at which I participated, great, front placements reached!

Enough self-praised and directly to which live makes worth living….


The SLU students are going to love having Oli and Nada on campus this fall, October 17-23.


On the street and on FB.



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