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A beautiful spring day…

… and I spent a good portion of it working on my sticker database.  After weeks of a few sporadic hours here and there to pull everything together, I can now account for about 2,700 individual digital image files for stickers scanned thus far.  The most difficult part in this whole process is finding where the files are located across too many different folders on different servers at SLU.  My fault.  I also have a bad habit of assigning “Final” to whatever documents/projects I’m working on, and if they get revised, I put “FinalFinal.”  Or “FinalFinal-Use this one.”  And “Final-old” on the original finals.  And so on.

To keep all of that straight, I have a running meta-metadata Excel spreadsheet so I know the status and location of image file folders.  Some images are scanned but not loaded into the ContentDM database software.  Some are in iPhoto.  Many stickers still need to be scanned.  And today, as I was driving home from school, I thought, “I wonder if Flickr would be the most effective way to make these stickers available online?”  The Library of Congress uses Flickr, e.g., among many other institutions worldwide.

I also made screen shots of my iPhoto albums and put the .pngs in Dropbox.

I kind of miss the shoebox approach.

Despite the tedium associated with this work, the best part is looking closely at all of the images.  Very closely.  There are endless ways of drawing connections among stickers, some that are obvious and others more poetic.

It’s all good.  Stay tuned.

Organizing stickers at home and online

I should have done this months ago, but I’m finally starting to organize the thousands of stickers at home, as well as the stickers in the digital database (numbering ~2,000 at present, with several hundred or possibly another 1,000) to add later/soon.  Now that I’m using the CONTENTdm software in their “Project Client,” I can add multiple items more quickly, and, even better, I can add columns of metadata related to the items (stickers).  Pretty exciting from the kitteh perspective!

I’m also creating an Excel worksheet to keep track of workflow, with a current total of 11 columns, including: file numbers, source, total number/format of image files per folder, archived in mylar pockets?,  where are sticker notebooks? loaded into CDM?, temporary location of image files, image modifications before archiving?, location of archived image files, and back-up location of  image files.  The whole thing is starting to get out of hand, so if I don’t start to take care of it now, I’m toast.

Here below is an image of the CONTENTdm software, in which I have created fields for metadata.  I currently have 39 fields, but some of them are for the actual stickers and some are for the digital image files.  With an online database (or even using old-style 3×5 cards), one needs to maintain information about the object itself (the actual stickers) as well as “information about the information” (i.e., metadata).

Brooklyn Street Art: list of artists + ANERA/anera

Wow.  I just came across the finest list of street artists on the Brooklyn Street Art blog.  This will be tremendously useful in identifying these li’l pranksters.  I saw Anera on there with a direct link to, though no other mention of Anera once I got there.  When I looked up “Anera” on Google, I found ANERA (American Near East Refugee Aid).  Just tried “Anera sticker” and found something called Stickerthrow! 2004 with Anera listed as one of the artists, tho no other link to this sticker artist.  This is the sticker I found in NYC, November 2004.

Berlin stickers, preface.

Stickering in Berlin last week was so fine that it will take days and weeks to sort through everything.  By pure luck and serendipity, I was able to meet Ollie and Nada at the Hatch Kingdom.

Freezin’ Kittehs

Kittehs don’t like to go out in this weather, what with temps well below zero degrees Fahr. and all.  BTW, I plan to spend the weekend going through Kevin’s Amsterdam BOOOOTEH!

eBay Obama stickers

I’ve spent the last couple of days on eBay buying Obama stickers (the ones designed by Shepard Fairey)-the HOPE stickers, plus the “Yes We Did” stickers.  Apparently there is an Obama sticker that sez PROGRESS that is difficult to find/acquire.  There is a bit of Obama-mania regarding Obama ephemera.  I saw a Web site today with Obama on every magazine cover that one could imagine, which would be a very cool exhibition–all of the posters, stickers, magazine covers, etc.

Oh, and Eric Nakamura wrote a story on street art during the 2008 campaigns in Giant Robot.  Can’t wait to pick up a copy.

Slim pickins’ in NYC today

Four hours this afternoon scavenging in the lower east side yielded few new stickers and next to nothing in terms of political stickers regarding the 2008 election.  I got a great sticker about Sarah Palin, but really, during the entire day we saw only 1-2 stickers about McCain and 1-2 about Obama.

There was an Obey-like wheatpasted poster of Palin that I’ll post a picture of later.  Very tasty.

NYC sticker action tomorrow

Caveboy, Caveboy, Jr., and I are going to Manhattan to collect stickers tomorrow.  I haven’t been into the city in months (ack), so I’m hoping there a bunch of new/political ones.  Plus, I really need to change the order of my data fields in “The Gallery Has A Posse” so they appear in the right order via Encore.

Where is the magic SLEEP FAIRY when you need him/her?!!!!

Hello, sticker ninjas of the world.  I woke up at 3:00 a.m. to find the wood stove had died out, ERGH.    if I do end up heading south for break, I’ll keep you posted on the stickerkttty front!

Enough already with the soccer mom

From Dick Cavett in today’s NY Times Opinion section about Sarah Palin, the “wild wordsmith of Wasilla”:

“My concern has been the atrocities there in Darfur and the relevance to me with that issue as we spoke about Africa and some of the countries there that were kind of the people succumbing to the dictators and the corruption of some collapsed governments on the continent, the relevance was Alaska’s investment in Darfur with some of our permanent fund dollars.

And, she concluded, ‘never, ever did I talk about, well, gee, is it a country or a continent, I just don’t know about this issue.'”

Stickerkitty is going to NJ/NYC next week on the lookout for political stickers.  Let’s hope for a warm spell, so the stickers can be easily liberated.



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