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A post-election daze

Oh boy.  I’m still reeling from last week’s election.  God bless the United States of America for electing Barack Obama to be our 44th American President.  I really wish my Dad could have been alive to see this happen.  He’d be all proud and puffed up, but also humble==the American Civil Rights movement defined him as a young man, and I hope that he is able to see this happening from wherever he is.

We have a new SLU CONTENTdm sticker ninja on board, however–Alex Collins!!  Alex will be helping with metadata for now.  W00t!

For a good read, check out David Rees’s most recent publication, Get Your War On, the definitive guide to the war on terror, 2001-2008.  Each week’s cartoon is so dense and brutally sharp on the mark; depressingly enough, the strips from 2004-2005 still ring true.  It’s kind of surprising to read/see/hear how Americans have progressed so slowly on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (and elsewhere).

I miss gathering stickers.  It’s been two+ months since I’ve been able to get into NYC, and things will start to get cold now.

Kevin, can you send me (to my SLU email address) an invoice of $250?   You can mark it “50% honorarium fee” for an upcoming Amsterdam ephemera exhibition (spring 2009).  I’m going to try to get this through, once and for all!!!!  I think I’ll arrange to pick up the check on Friday and somehow getting it into your bank account, maybe with your parents’ help.

A Brief Update

Carole and I (and Arline) met with Library folks today to have a conference call with Rice from iii about the new Encore discovery tool that the Library is implementing.  It has caused us Gallery folk to re-map certain CONTENTdm fields to Dublin Core, and I liked how Rice called it “dumbing down” a field.  How true.  Plus Dublin Core omits several fields that would be important in a museum/gallery context.  There were several other issues to discuss, inc. which fields to include in the Encore record, etc.  It’s really super-fascinating (i.e., NOT!).

Kevin, I still need to resolve your payment with the B.O.  Waugh.  I’m sorry!  The days fly by like there is no tomorrow.  I saw Tsewang today, and we both bemoaned how busy we are.  Last summer seems so cozy in comparison.

Stickerkitty is on pins and needles about tomorrow’s election.  I can’t even mention anyone’s name for fear of jinxing everything.  I still don’t really understand how the electoral college thing works.  WTF.  I know/think my vote matters, but I’m not entirely sure.  I saw a cool Web site with a picture of someone with a sticker that said, “I think I voted.”  Ouch.

OK, I just looked up “electoral college” online, and it turns out we are all voting for “538 popularly elected representatives who formally select the President and Vice President of the United States.”  Do people know and understand this?  I’ve always thought I was voting for a person, not an electoral college representative.  And why do they call it a “college?”  I’m a little confused, to be honest.

I heard an interesting clip on NPR tonight from the BBC’s “World News” that new democracies don’t even glance at the US’s voting methods, since such methods make no sense whatsoever.  I’d have to say that I agree.

Someone has been very funny on SNL lately, but puleeze don’t let him become President.

Stickerkitty will have more Posse updates after the election.


I haven’t done squat with stickers all month, other than compile them in notebooks (which are now being stored in my car), hoping to go through them soon for further insight.  Last weekend, I added a copyright statement to all of the items in the collection, as well as to the items in the Gallery’s Permanent Collection.  It’s a copyright statement only to say I/we don’t necessarily own copyright on any of the items in the collection(s), which seems to be what everyone else is doing, too.  Sticker metadata is moving slowly like mud, and my sticker ninjas seem to be busy with other things, waugh.  I was hoping to get into NYC last weekend to look for election-related booty, but plans changed.  I think my next trip will be post-election, unfortunately.

Interestingly enough, however, the sticker collection can now be “harvested” through the Library’s new Encore discovery tool (click on “Encore” at the top).  I especially like the fact that one can tag items in Encore, something CONTENTdm can’t do yet.

Pictoplasma in NYC, September 4-6, 2008

After going to Pictoplasma in Berlin in 2006, I had to attend the 2008 conference so close in NYC.  Most of the events were held at NYU’s handsome Skirball Center.  My favorite lecture was by Akinori Oishi (who goes by “Aki”).  I asked if he’d consider doing an exhibition at SLU, so I’ll follow up with him via email in the weeks ahead.

Melissa and Carole helped out big-time collecting stickers on Thursday afternoon–115 in all!  Not much political stuff yet, which surprised me.  But a few gems, nonetheless.  Check out my Flickr site for more images (coming soon!).

Kevin is off to Amsterdam!

Our dear Kevin Carvill ’10 is off to Amsterdam for the fall semester. Bugger! He was such a great trooper this summer, scanning over 1,300 stickers for The Gallery Has A Posse. We now have Tristan Wolfe ’08 on board, who seemed mildly interested yesterday when I showed him the project. He started to research TOWER from Berlin (tagger).

I hope that Kevin will be able to pull together an exhibition next spring based on his sticker exploits abroad. Lots of details to figure out beforehand, tho. Maybe CM and I will need to do a site visit….

New additions to The Posse

CM and I loaded 253 digital sticker files into The Gallery Has A Posse, my CONTENTdm online collection of art stickers from around the world. I have lots to do ahead with metadata, much less research and writing. I can get a student or two to help with the metadata this fall. Here is a screen shot; take a look at the number 798 in red in the upper left hand corner! Our new total!!!!! All of the stickers with k01, k02, k03, etc. are the ones Kevin scanned, and those are the ones I’ll need help with. Yipes!

Kevin is on a tear

My dear students have been diligently scanning stickers for the past month to load into CONTENTdm, bless ’em. I plan to upload these into CONTENTdm next week. Kevin’s 1000 scans will triple the collection! He is heading off to Amsterdam this fall, and if he comes back empty-handed, I will have to break his kneecaps or something. 🙂 Amsterdam is, of course, one of the MAJOR sites for street art in all its forms. KEVIN, if you are reading this, just remember, no stickers = no job when you get back!!!! Plus, you know the deal: $1 for every sticker you collect!

Kitteh sez: “Tough love, my friend, in this dog-eat-dog stickerpalooza”!!!!!

Sticker liberation today in NYC

Caveboy and I spent a few hours liberating stickers in Soho and the lower east side. According to him, “the stickers were like fish jumping out of water and into our nets.” Yepper. Warm muggy weather = easy sticker collecting. Here is a picture of our tool kit, which includes two different paint scrapers, wallpaper remover, and Q-tips (not sure why we needed those), plus the short three-step ladder, plus the notebook where I put the stickers until they are archived by my ace student assistants:

Sticker karma

I received an email out of the blue tonight from someone who heard I’m into street art and graffiti, and she is going to send me some of her stickers. Here is her Web site, and click on the little b/w image on the bottom to read her sticker story. Very sweet!

Sticker artists really come in all shapes and sizes. Earlier today, I was looking around in Flickr and read how PEEL is going through some rough financial troubles these days. Some folks were very sympathetic, while others flamed them in a major, self-righteous sort of way (IMHO). You can read about it here.

On the posse front, two of my students, Kevin and Tsewang, scanned 140+ stickers last week to add to my CONTENTdm collection. Mostly Berlin booty.

stickers tamale in new jork city

sticky stickerzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tomorrow!!!!  hot dog!!!!!!!  plan take the early morning train over from hoboken and hit the lower east side, soho, and chelsea. we can’t take the caveboy’s dino-mobile since he owes the nyc dmv alot of money from previous sticker liberations…..



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