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This post should work now, or Kitty is going to scratch the nice leather chair in the living room.

Here is sticker #2! Condi will be #3 when I get more money.

The Gallery Has A Posse (Part I)

This morning during Day Three of the NITLE workshop, I finally finished “The Gallery Has A Posse (Part I)” of my very first real iMovie about my sticker collection. It’s not perfect, but we only had 2 1/2 days to come up with a script and create one or more audio tracks and an image track. I approached the project not so much as “digital storytelling,” but more as an art video, according to the instructor. I ended up shouting my lines for the movie, and I asked everyone involved to shout their lines, too. It was hilarious to record it, and it’s pretty funny to watch, too (I hope). There must be about 30-40 others involved in the sound tracks.

People aren’t used to shouting in public, which made the whole thing even more hilarious. I won’t name names, but some of my friends and colleagues at SLU have strong lungs and voice boxes! It makes me laugh just to think about it.

Anyway, I posted the movie on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

Sticker central at the Gallery this summer

I’ve got a couple of SLU students, Kevin Carvill ’10 and Tsewang Lama ’10, archiving my sticker collection this summer. They’ve put everything into archival mylar sleeves and notebooks arranged by date and location. The next step is to figure out which ones to scan and load into CONTENTdm. Question: should I prioritize the best ones (the ones I want to write about?) or just begin at the beginning and assume they’ll all get done? Any suggestions would be great.

The CONTENTdm sticker collection is here and click on “Browse” to find “The Gallery Has A Posse.”  I’ve got about ~550 in there so far.



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